Vilnius Challenge 2024, Mini. You can register for the team and individual courses.

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Experience a true adventure with Vilnius Challenge 2024!

About disciplines

  • Orienteering
    Navigation with maps in Vilnius city and its parks. No special knowledge is required, but fundamentals of navigation skills will definitely help!
  • Biking
    Bicycles will help you to reach the more remote events faster. There will also be a bike legend event.
  • Rope challenges
    For the extreme course participants, the rope event will require climbing techniques, for the others the ropes will be another fun adventure.
  • Water disciplines
    Participants will have to get wet during the race! You may have to cross bodies of water or navigate the routes indicated in them by wading, swimming, foam boarding or kayaking. Participants are not sugar babies, so we hope they won't melt.
  • Obstacles
    Crawling, skipping, maze, wall climbing - you can expect these and similar obstacles on all courses.
  • Crossfit
    The "Challenge Crossfit Zone" in Vilnius will become a new challenge for participants! Here, not only will participants be able to test their strength and endurance, but they will also perform various functional exercises using training equipment. Exercise stations will be set up in an open city space, allowing participants to enjoy a dynamic and engaging environment while testing their physical fitness in various Crossfit techniques.
  • Puzzles
    Various logical or mathematical puzzles will reveal which checkpoints your team needs to find.
  • Other disciplines
    Adventure racing has always had its surprises. Its participants must be versatile athletes. So don't be surprised if you have to try a sport you've never seen before, like archery or ice skating.

About courses

    The course for children of age from 3 till 12. Run, crawl, climb, smile! Children Challenge obstacle course is for all the kids. Furthermore, each kid will get a memorable prize and a T-shirt if registers in advance. There will be superheros who will complete the course together with the kids.
    A course for those who want to have a good time. It is open to everyone! Families with children, groups of friends or corporate teams are welcome on the Leisure Course. A great way to get to know the concept of adventure racing and to spend your leisure time actively. We suggest you train before the event - do some jogging, cycling, get familiar with map reading.
    Planned disciplines: running, cycling, orienteering, obstacle course, puzzles
    Want more adventures and challenges? Choose this course and you won't regret it! Run, pedal, roll, solve puzzles and navigate. We look forward to seeing you on the Adventure Course! Just be aware - you will get wet on this course!
    Planned disciplines: running, cycling, orienteering, obstacle course, rollerblading/skating, rope course, water course, puzzles
    Do you participate in sports events but lack adrenaline rush? Do you like to compete and be the best? Think you're tough and not afraid of challenges? Choose the extreme course and you'll have to climb, crawl, swim, descend, pedal, run and of course not get lost! Prove you know how handle true extreme!
    Planned disciplines: running, cycling, orienteering, obstacle course, rollerblading/skating, rope course, water course, canoeing, puzzles.

Event information


1. Rulebook

The event is run in accordance with the Vilnius Challenge rulebook. By participating in the event, each participant acknowledges that he/she has read and agrees to abide by the rules in the rulebook.

2. Registration fee

The entry fee is per team (2 persons) and depends on the date of purchase. Registration is only confirmed once all registration steps have been completed.

3. Registration (race is over)


4. Equipment

Each participant must possess the following equipment for the race:

  1. Helmet (wear during entire race)
  2. Bicycle (for bike segments only)
  3. Torch
  4. Gloves
  5. Snacks and water
  6. Paper and pen
  7. Waterproof bag
  8. Personal ID*
  9. Mobile phone*

*Telephone and identity documents are essential and can only be used in the event of an accident


5. Where and how to train (wait for the next year)

6. Race packets (wait for the next year)

7. Event center (wait for the next year)

8. Event programe (wait for the next year)

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