Event center

On its 10th anniversary Vilnius Challenge 2018 moving back where it has started – the green space next to the White Bridge!

Vilnius Challenge event center

As usual, participants will start and finish at the event center.

Start times:

  • 09:00 – Black course start
  • 11:00 – Red course start
  • 12:00 – Blue course start
  • 13:00 – Green course start
  • 18:00 – Finnish for all course participants
  • 18:30 – Award ceremony

Participants must arrive to the event center at least one hour before their course start. Early arrival will allow racers to prepare properly. From 30 min before the start time, racers will be allowed to enter the start corridor, where they will get course maps and be able to plan their race strategy.


Orienteering is the backbone connecting all Vilnius Challenge disciplines. The racers will have to navigate in the city, parks, and some forests. Expect three types of maps – city plan, orienteering sport maps and ortophoto images. Even minimal orienteering skills could make a big difference on the race day.

We recommend to find your local orienteering club and pick up necessary navigation skills. Don’t know where to start? To to global orienteering directory. You may also wish to search on web for “learn orienteering” resources. There can never be too much of orienteering!

Meanwhile, if you are in Vilnius, you may learn more about this sport by participating in Mano Antradieniai events, among which there will be special training sessions for Vilnius Challenge participants. More details will be available on www.antradieniai.lt.

Mandatory equipment

For participants from abroad:

  • If it is too difficult for you to bring your own bike we have a great option for bike rental. Please contact Velo-City and ask for special Vilnius Challenge offer.
  • If you would like our recommendation for accommodation please contact us.
  • If you are a citizen of a country that requires visa to enter Lithuania / European Union and would like our help, please contact us.
  • Finally, if you have travel arrangements that do not give you sufficient amount of time for race packet pickup, please contact us.

Each participant must wear a helmet during entire race.

    • We recommend using mountain or touring bike. Road bike is not suitable for Vilnius Challenge courses. The racers thinking whether to wear special bike shoes are advised to consider that during bike section there may be other disciplines (for example ropes) that would be waiting for you. Therefore, if you choose to wear bike shoes, we advise to bring running shoes as well and change when appropriate.
    • Gloves, headlamp, paper and pen are needed to get through ropes, underground and puzzle sections. Racers without gloves won’t be admitted to do ropes’ disciplines. Headlamp is essential for safe underground exploration.
    • We advise to all participants to carry some food and water (or other drink). There will be a water station in the event center, however, you may wish to refresh also on the course. The organizers do not provide food thus bring some energetic meals yourself. We recommend energy bars, bananas (if wrapped properly), nuts, chocolate etc.
    • Phone and personal ID is needed should there be an accident. If you have a phone, help could be called in immediately. If you go to a medical facility, personal ID is required as sometimes medical services are not even rendered without an ID.

Race fee

Registration fee is per team. It depends on the course, available tickets and payment date. Registration is confirmed only after the payment is received and team course ticket is registered.

Wish to pay even less? Register to Challenge Cup by buying one ticket for all three Challenge races and get unique Challenge Cup t-shirts for each participant for free!

Additional Services


Vilnius Challenge high quality cotton T-shirts (different for every year) will help you to keep memories of you first summer’s adventure. T-shirts can be ordered in different sizes and in woman/man styles. T-shirts can be claimed during event check-in process.

vilnius challenge marskineliai


Closer to the race date we will survey all the Vilnius Challenge 2018 participants about their wishes to hire and use rental GPS. Should there be enough of interest, we will provide the opportunity to rent the GPS. The GPS provides the opportunity to track the participants’ live and later to review it, compare against the others. Please see an example to the right from an earlier race.




There are two steps in registration process: 1) buying the ticket for the course, 2) registering team information using the course ticket number. To buy the ticket go to the main page and click “Register” button.


Team members can be edited till the end of registration (it is indicated in the race rulebook). After that, it will not be possible to change the team member anymore.